Monday Roundup: Jobs v Gates and Tales from the Agile Trenches

Another Monday morning, another feast of essential reading.   Here’s a sampling of what we’re reading and/or sharing:

“Use Their App, Keep Your Data” (Mashable)

“Ever noticed that so many apps needs access to your contact lists, browser history, location, and other personal data? As part of a fight back against this data-gobbling trend, a Bulgarian software developer has rewritten the Android operating system so that it gives apps bogus data.”

“How CIOs Can Pilot the Untethered Enterprise” (CIO Journal on WSJ)

“In the past, employees could only access the company’s IT services and applications through their company provided and supported PCs and mobile devices. But, as mobility has become such an integral part of our personal lives, a large number of employees now have two devices at work:  ’One is the device we gave them, the other is the one they actually work on,’ said a member of the CIO panel.”

“Ask Stack: What Is the Best Way to Divide Work Between Developers?” (ArsTechnica)

“One important thing that we got wrong the first 3 times we ‘went Agile,’ is that each time people were told how to work, and they were told what to work on. That’s the number one way to have your team completely lose interest in the project, and then you are in real trouble.”

Finally, pop provocateur Malcolm Gladwell stirred the media pots in an interview positing the long-term impact of two technology giants (via CNN)

“Of the great entrepreneurs of this era, people will have forgotten Steve Jobs. ‘Who was Steve Jobs again?’ But … there will be statues of Bill Gates across the Third World,” Gladwell said. “There’s a reasonable shot that — because of his money — we will cure malaria.”

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