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Howard Systems International, Inc.
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Howard Systems International
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"Howard Systems International - Management Consulting"
Howard Systems’ senior staff includes management consultants from the ranks of America’s middle and top management. Every one of these individuals has established a track record as an expert in the use of technology to create and exploit a competitive advantage in a given sector of the today’s marketplace. Our team consists of hands-on managers who earned their reputations as professional problem solvers in key management positions in major corporations and institutions across the country. an image They’ve witnessed and dealt with the most challenging events and issues that have occurred in the past two decades in the global business community.

HSI can quickly and seamlessly deploy a highly skilled individual or team of experts to assess virtually every aspect of a client’s IT organization, its processes, operations and management, identify areas in which significant improvements can be made to eliminate redundancies, improve productivity, reduce time to market by producing comprehensive gap analyses and recommendations for cost-effective solutions.

In today’s economy changing market dynamics won’t afford companies the luxury of a trial and error approach to improve performance, increase productivity and maximize the return on their IT investment. HSI’s Management Consulting group has “been there, done that”. We can bring the value and creativity of real world experience to augment that of a client’s own management team to achieve real bottom line impact. Contact us today—we assure you the time will be well spent.

Considering our professional relationship betwen Howard Systems and Unilever which now spans 18 years-it has been one of a trusted long time associate.
-Bernard Martinelli--Director, Customer Management, Unilever Global Infrastructure Organization